All in Jiyugaoka

Time for a Change (Part 1)

I've been noticing a lot of spots on my images when I am shooting at f/11+.  I could really notice it when I am looking at the images large.  I brought in both my Leica Monochrom and my Leica M9-P to Leica Ginza to have the sensors cleaned.   My long time Leica customer service rep Naoki came out looking a bit concerned. 

After the Storm

Amazingly Japan has 17 public holidays.   The way the holidays fall this year I end up with 6 three day weekends this fall.   They have arranged them in such a way that you get a lot of long weekends.  This weekend happens to be one of them; 文化の日, or Culture Day was on Friday. 

Around Jiyugaoka

I have been reading Angel by Jason Calacanis this past week.  It is a book I have been waiting to be released for a long time.  Jason is a well know Silicon Valley Investor who turned $100K USD in investments into $100M USD.  He was an early investor in Uber, Thumbtack, Wealthfront and a few hundred other companies.

Spring Focus

I have been very focused on a pet project for the past few months using what little free time I have on it.   20 minutes here, 30 minutes here, a Saturday afternoon here.   It's amazing how much you can get done with little focused amounts of time. 

Moving Forward

Life has kept me very busy lately without much personal time.  I have had a few business trips to start my year.  I had a trip to London in January and a short trip to Singapore in February.  Unfortunately both had very packed schedules that didn't get a chance to get out and shoot.

The Start

I'm wrapped up 3 weeks of leave yesterday and headed back to work.  I never used to be able to take time off at year so it's nice to finally be able to.  I travel and work a lot throughout the year so I really cherish this time to unwind and catch up at home.  

The End

I have officially stopped traveling for 2016 with my final two trips of the year to Bali and Taipei completed.   My traveling has come to an end for the year.  My total travel for the year 174,660 miles.  Wow what a year of travel!

The Inevitable

I've been reading The Inevitable - Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future lately.   It's an really interesting look at what our future will be like from a technology perspective in 30 years.    It's written by Kevin Kelly the founder of Wired magazine.  

Odd Hours

I have always been someone who kept odd hours.   I'm usually the last person to go to bed.  I tend to retire around 1 or 1:30AM.   I also tend to be the first person to the office which means I'm getting up around 6:30AM or so.   

Film for a while

I think I am going to go back to shooting only film for a while. I really like the look and feel I can get with film. I like the focus that it brings to my photography. I have such an excess supply of film. Focus, great images, I only see upside.

Fresh and Focused

The new year is here so it's time to shake off the holiday attitude and be fresh and focused for a fast start to the new year. I always try to think about how I want to focus myself in the new year and this period is a good time to do that.

Unproductive Weekend

I had an unproductive weekend, sort of.  Netflix just launched in Japan last week.   It’s a little hard to say that since I worked on Saturday but stay with me.   As someone who tries to be as productive as possible at all times it’s embarrassing to say I

Analog Sunday

I woke up this morning wanting to buy some new photography equipment.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it was because my friend John Hall Blog let me try his Leica Q on Friday night.    That is a pretty amazing camera.  I checked availability but nothing is available


I have had a lot going on lately.  Wow it’s been almost a month!   I think this was the longest I haven’t posted on ShootTokyo but life sometimes goes that way.  I have been super busy with some family things that needed my attention.  It just wasn’t

Clearing my head

I have been getting home super late at night for the past week.  Last night I wanted to go for a walk and clear my head after getting home.   I was also really hungry so I went in search of something to eat. I haven’t really given my new Summilux 50mm a good

5 Cities

I have been in 5 cities in the past four weeks; Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  I have logged close to 70,000 miles year to date.  I am expecting things will slow down a little bit in the second half of the year but probably not that much.