All in Singapore

Recent Cities

I just got back from recent trips to Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne Australia.  Both are places I haven't been to in a really long time.   I was last in Ho Chi MInh was on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with my dad.  It has changed and developed so much since that time.  It has been even longer since I have been to Melbourne.

Constantly Moving

My wife says I'm like a little mouse that can't sit still.  When I'm not physically moving my mind is moving a million miles an hour.   This year has been no different.  I've had a lot of travel so far this year with trips to London, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Manila, Bangkok, LA and Singapore twice.

Odd Hours

I have always been someone who kept odd hours.   I'm usually the last person to go to bed.  I tend to retire around 1 or 1:30AM.   I also tend to be the first person to the office which means I'm getting up around 6:30AM or so.   

Friends in Singapore

I have traveled around so much for work that I have been lucky enough to build a network of friends all over the world.   A lot of my friends are very international and move around as well so I know people in one city and move to another but we still stay connected

Leica Singapore

I feel good that the year is coming to a close.  I am looking forward to some down time with my family and unwinding at the end of the year.   Here are a few shots from my from my recent visit to see my Audi sales guy.   I’m not sure I would buy a green R8