All in London


I looked at the images I've collected on my Monochrom after the past few weeks and they were all more or less of modes or places of transportation; Trains, Subways, Airplanes, Train Stations and Airports with very little scattered in between.   It's understandable given the amount of travel I have been doing. 

Dublin and London

What a long few weeks of travel to Dublin and London.   My year is starting fast with upcoming trips to San Francisco, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok and Los Angeles.   I always hope my travel will slow down but it never seems that way. I finished the book American

Exploring London

After a busy week in London I finally had a day for myself for exploring London and some photography.  I was initially thinking I was going to host a photowalk but I was pretty burnt out from the week so I decided to spend the day catching up with colleagues and